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You can experience expert service in General Ophthalmology Practice. Come to an atmosphere that cultivates dedication and advanced work. We set the standard for the best practices in the industry. Come visit our Arizona ophthalmology specialist and uncover how our team is committed to providing exceptional services. We will surely meet and surpass your expectations.
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A yearly eyeglass exam with an Arizona ophthalmology specialist is recommended whether you use glasses or contact lenses. It helps measure the deterioration of your eyesight annually. What occurs during an eyewear examination, though?

As you become older, you may notice certain changes in your eyesight. An eye exam may help you understand your condition, and if contact lenses are required, an expert can advise you on the best solutions. Dr. Jay Arora, our own Anterior Segment and Comprehensive Ophthalmologist, has the skills needed to perform the contact lens exam and assist you in regaining your 20/20 vision with ease.

The most frequent and efficient corrective eye surgery today is Lasik, which stands for laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis. Lasik eye surgery reshapes the cornea of your eye using a specific cutting laser, with the objective of attaining near-perfect vision without the necessity of corrective glasses. 


Photorefractive keratectomy is a kind of corrective eye surgery that predates the more well-known LASIK procedure. Laser correction surgery has a lengthy history and a high rate of success, with comparable outcomes to LASIK and a lower risk of long-term consequences, making it a viable choice for patients who aren’t candidates for LASIK.


An ICL eye surgery, also known as contact lens surgery, is a process that involves implanting a permanent corrective lens into the eye to enhance vision or repair visual disorders.

Eye Treatment

Implantable trifocal lenses
Patients who have had cataract surgery may now obtain implanted trifocal lenses that can enhance their vision from close-up to intermediate and even far away.

Cataract laser surgery
The most successful and safest method of cataract removal is laser cataract surgery. It’s a surgical treatment that removes the cataract with the use of a laser.

There are several types of glaucoma that require various treatments.
Glaucoma patients may benefit from SLT for glaucoma, a laser procedure that lowers their intraocular pressure (IOP).
Dry eye syndrome (DES) is a long-term ailment that may be difficult to treat with typical dry eye drops. It is possible to treat dry eye in a variety of methods, including by seeing a dry eye specialist.

Cosmetic Services

Eye Wrinkles

What’s the best eye wrinkle treatment for you? Under-eye wrinkles are difficult or impossible to hide or disguise with topical treatments. We offer treatments to fix them.

Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid problems may be alleviated if you know where to look. Our oculoplastic surgeon in Scottsdale at Arora Eye can give you a long-term solution that will change your life.

Injectables and Botox

At Arora Eye, we use Botox and a range of dermal fillers to treat facial wrinkles. We deliver both treatments by injection.
Arora Eye provides you with the best treatments currently available in surgical eye care. No other practice in Arizona has made this level of commitment. Visit our General Ophthalmology Practice today!


Dr. Jay Arora is an Anterior Segment and Comprehensive Ophthalmologist in Scottsdale, with a focus on complex cataract surgical techniques and refractive surgery.
Dr. Arora is certified in femtosecond-laser assisted cataract surgery and has experience in premium intraocular lens implantation, laser treatment for diabetic retinopathy and glaucoma, and minimally invasive glaucoma (MIGS) surgery.

Google Reviews

Hunter TourteHunter Tourte
19:05 30 Mar 22
Great place to get your eyes checked! Very clean, super nice and all state of the art equipment. Jay does a great job of making you feel comfortable.
Aaron PriceAaron Price
19:48 25 Mar 22
Dr. Arora is one of the best doctors I've come across. Personable. Communicates well. Just an overall great person and that quality transitions very well to patient care.
De'Yante SmithDe'Yante Smith
23:27 15 Mar 22
Dr. Jay and his staff are awesome!! Very friendly, personable & pay attention to detail. Went here for a check up and my expectations were exceeded by far! I will definitely be coming back for any future needs. Thank you Dr. Jay.
Laura OwensLaura Owens
20:00 26 Jan 22
They go above and beyond! I was very impressed with their thoroughness and care. Their customer service and quality of exam is excellent and Dr Arora seems exceptionally knowledgeable. He took the time to thoroughly answer all my questions and address my concerns patiently explaining everything in detail. It is a bit of a drive from where I live, but well worth the trip! I have worn glasses and contacts for about 45 years and after experiencing an eye exam with them, I can’t imagine ever going anywhere else in the future.
Angela DussanAngela Dussan
23:35 17 Nov 21
I had a wonderful experience at Arora Eye. Dr. Aurora is amazing, not only has he taken great care of my eye health, but also he is lovely to speak with.He listened to everything I said and took his time to explain his diagnosis. I appreciate Dr. Aurora taking the time to go over the diagnosis and treatment options clearly. All of the staff was also great to work with and a pleasure, they were helpful, patient and polite.Overall my visit was outstanding. Thank you Dr Aurora for your patient and expertise. I am so glad I chose Arora Eye and I HIGHLY recommend this office.

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  •   Dr Arora is the best!   Friendly, knowledgeable, and so helpful and relatable.   He truly cares about his patients.   And his office is gorgeous!

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    thumb Randy F.

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    thumb Shelby N.
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