Under Eye Wrinkle Treatment in Scottsdale, Arizona

Beautiful skin is ageless. Wrinkles are an obvious sign of aging. They’re also the product of genetics, UVA/UVB sun damage, using your facial muscles to smile, and the genes you inherited. Fortunately, under-eye wrinkle treatment can improve how you look and feel.

What’s the best eye wrinkle treatment for you? Under-eye wrinkles are difficult or impossible to hide or disguise with topical treatments. Conventional treatments won’t fix them.

Ask your doctor about OptiLight under eye wrinkle treatment. They can answer these questions and more.

Your Best Under Eye Wrinkle Treatment

It’s important to understand which under-eye wrinkles treatment is most likely to benefit you. If you’re concerned about eye wrinkle treatments, intense pulsed light (IPL) therapies can effectively and comfortably improve eye wrinkles and other periorbital skin concerns.

OptiLight Wrinkle Treatments

Your eyes tell the world a lot about you. If the skin around your eyes is discolored or you have under-eye wrinkles, cosmetics, lotions, and creams often don’t work. Your busy life doesn’t allow for a lot of downtime. So, treating your wrinkles requires a 21st-century therapy that’s effective, fast, and comfortable. 

Luckily, Arora Eye offers non-invasive techniques to successfully lessen the appearance of wrinkles while returning a youthful appearance to your skin. Ask your doctor about OptiLight therapy and if it’s right for you.

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Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Wrinkle Treatments

Many patients choose intense pulsed light (IPL) treatments. IPL uses specific frequencies of light to treat the skin. Light also reduces any heat transfer beyond the outer dermal layer of your skin. 

Targeted light beams are gently delivered by a cool prismatic sapphire tip to your skin. It doesn’t react with the outer, visible layers of skin. Instead, it works with the collagen layer that’s diminished over time. 

Light becomes heat as it reaches the collagen layer. The process destroys old cells and stimulates new collagen production, also known as neocollagenesis. These newly reformed collagen layers are tighter and more youthful.

Under-eye wrinkles soften as new collagen forms–without lasers or harsh chemical treatments. For that reason, patients with lighter skin tones and skin conditions prefer IPL treatments.

IPL therapy allows the doctor to treat your skin without damaging the epidermis (the outer layer of skin). OptiLight’s cutting-edge, non-invasive under-eye wrinkle treatments require little to no downtime.

Advantages of IPL Therapy

Instead of temporarily replacing or filling your naturally diminishing skin collagen, IPL treatments stimulate your skin’s natural ability to make new collagen. The result is a long-lasting under-eye wrinkles treatment.

Non-invasive, non-surgical IPL under-eye wrinkles treatment is fast. Many patients receive similar results to dermal fillers or lift procedures without the need to inject, cut, irritate, or peel the skin. IPL is a gentle way to treat skin imperfections, including lines and wrinkles, that result from diminishing collagen beneath the skin.

IPL vs. Laser Treatments

If you want to diminish under-eye wrinkles or remove some symptoms of photoaging, e.g., hyperpigmentation, IPL may be a good choice for you.

After IPL treatments, you might experience some redness at the treatment site. Within several days, you’ll notice flakes of dead skin. Within a short time, the treated skin is smoother and more refined.

IPL is useful in the treatment of a range of skin issues. It’s an effective wrinkle reducer. It’s also helpful in the reduction of broken blood vessels (capillaries), stretch marks, acne marks, and birthmarks. IPL is even useful in fading unwanted freckles or discolored skin and even unwanted hair. Rosacea is also treatable with IPL light therapy. 

IPL is a viable alternative to many laser treatments. It’s an effective and efficient wrinkle removal treatment. Because red skin is often sensitive skin, IPL may be preferred to laser therapies.

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