Routine Eye Exam in Scottsdale, Arizona

Getting your vision checked is probably something that happened fairly frequently when you were a child. With all the moving pieces of adult life, it can be easy to overlook these exams. Many individuals don’t make a visit to their eye doctor until they’re having problems or they’ve sustained an injury to their eye. Skipping appointments can be detrimental to your visual health. If possible, you should schedule an eye exam at least every other year, though once annually is ideal if you wear corrective lenses. 

What Is Included In a Routine Eye Exam?

Even for those who don’t need corrective lenses, a routine eye exam is important. These routine exams serve a few different purposes: mainly checking your eyes for early signs of disease and ensuring that your prescription is as accurate and up to date as possible.
A routine eye exam is a thorough and comprehensive appointment that goes beyond checking your visual acuity. There are many steps taken by your ophthalmologist that simply can’t be done anywhere else.
Here are just a few reasons why an annual exam is of such critical importance:

• They can catch and treat dry eyes.
• They prevent vision problems at school or work.
• They can detect near or far-sightedness you may not be aware of.
• An exam can detect sneaky but serious issues like glaucoma.
• Routine exams can also pick up on other ailments, like diabetes and allergies.

The staff at Arora Eye are all highly trained in routine eye exams of all types, routine included. We’ll be sure to make you feel as comfortable as possible during the appointment.

What Happens at a Routine Eye Exam?

At your eye exam in Scottsdale, you’ll be asked to provide us with your medical history and a list of medications you’re taking. We also ask that you bring along your corrective lenses and a pair of sunglasses for the ride home. This is because your pupils may be dilated during the exam, making you temporarily sensitive to light.
Dr. Arora will perform a series of routine tests during your exam. The specific tests performed will depend upon your medical and visual health history, your age, and a variety of other factors, like if you wear corrective lenses or not. These are some of the tests that may be performed at your routine eye exam:
• Pupillary reaction test
• Visual acuity test
• Retinal exam
• Eye muscle movement test
• Slit-lamp test
• Glaucoma check
• Visual field test
Your exam will take anywhere from half an hour to several hours, depending on your own personal history and needs. Dr. Arora will take the time to speak with you about your results and if there are any changes that need to be made to your prescription. You’ll have time to ask any questions you might have before and after the exam. 

Trusted Eye Exams in Scottsdale

Arora Eye is proud to serve clients all over the Scottsdale area. Dr. Jay Arora has many years of experience and was recently named one of the top ophthalmologists by Newsweek Magazine. He is experienced and specializes in complex cataract surgery as well as minimally invasive surgery techniques for diseases like glaucoma and retinal disease. With such an experienced ophthalmologist, you can rest assured you’ll be in good hands. He and the rest of our staff are known for providing a kind and gentle client experience and will do everything they can to explain your exam to you along the way. If you want care you can trust, go with Arora Eye. 
Ready to get your eyes checked? As the leading vision screening provider in Scottsdale, we’d be happy to serve you. Give us a call today, and we’ll help you set up your first appointment!