Presbyopia is the progressive loss of your eyes’ capacity to see things well up close. It is a natural aspect of the aging process. Indeed, the name “presbyopia” is derived from a Greek word that means “ancient eye.” Presbyopia may become apparent quickly after the age of 40. You may most likely find yourself holding reading items farther away in order to view them well.
What Factors Contribute to Presbyopia?
The clear lens is located within the eye, behind the colorful iris. It changes shape to direct light onto the retina, allowing you to see. When you’re young, your lens is soft and flexible, changing form readily. This allows you to concentrate on stuff both close-up and far away. The lens grows more stiff beyond the age of 40. It is unable to shift form as readily. This makes it more difficult to read, thread a needle, or do other close-up chores.
The natural aging process that produces presbyopia cannot be stopped or reversed. Presbyopia can be addressed with eye drops. You may get headaches and eye strain if you do not treat your presbyopia.


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