RLE Surgery in Scottsdale, AZ

If you want to reduce your dependence on glasses and contacts but aren’t a suitable candidate for LASIK surgery, ask our vision specialists about Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE). This minimally invasive LASIK alternative improves blurry vision caused by various refractive errors—like astigmatism, myopia, hyperopia, and presbyopia. Schedule a consultation to see if RLE is right for you.

What Is RLE Surgery?

RLE is a minimally invasive laser vision correction procedure. This lens-based refractive surgery is intraocular, meaning it corrects problems beneath the eye’s surface and improves visual acuity in patients with astigmatism, myopia, hyperopia, and presbyopia. RLE is similar to ICL in that both procedures replace a damaged lens with an artificial intraocular lens (IOL).

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How the Procedure Works

Dr. Arora will make an incision in your eye to break up and remove small pieces of the eye’s natural lens using a probe. Dr. Arora will then implant the IOL in its place. The procedure takes about 30 minutes in total. The RLE procedure is similar to cataract surgery. Here’s how they differ:

Benefits of RLE Surgery

RLE surgery offers a host of vision benefits, including the ones listed below:

Vision Correction

Vision correction in cases of astigmatism, myopia, hyperopia, and presbyopia.

Limits Need For Glasses

Limits the use of glasses and contact lenses.

Shorter Recovery Time

Less damage to the eye, a shorter recovery time, and a lower risk of complications as a result of being minimally invasive.

Less Risk Of Cataracts

Eliminates one’s risk of developing a cataract in the future.

RLE Recovery

RLE surgery has an initial recovery time of up to 12 hours, with most patients experiencing clear vision after just one day. You may experience temporary blurry vision, pain, and/or discomfort during this time, all of which are a normal part of the eye’s healing process. Full recovery typically takes anywhere from two to five days.

Scottsdale’s Trusted RLE Provider

As the leading RLE surgeon in Scottsdale, Dr. Arora is the name you can trust to improve your vision with minimally invasive techniques. Schedule a consultation today to see if you qualify for this laser vision correction procedure.