Contact Lenses Exam in Scottsdale, Arizona

As you get older, you may start to experience some vision changes. That can sometimes be very frustrating. But you don’t have to worry! A good eye examination can help you understand your problem, and if you require contact lenses, an expert can help you determine the best options for you. Our own Anterior Segment and Comprehensive Ophthalmologist, Dr. Jay Arora, has the experience required to conduct the contact lenses exam and help you regain your 20/20 vision without any trouble at all!

Contact Lens Options and The Pros and Cons

There are several types of contacts you can choose from. You may have heard of hard lenses, soft contacts, and colored prescription contacts. Let’s go over a little bit about each type.

Hard Lenses

  • Pro: Hard lenses are the most common option you will find at an eye doctor's office or optical store. They're made out of rigid plastic or gas-permeable material, so they're easy to apply.
  • Con: Hard lenses tend to be more expensive than other types of contacts.

Soft Contacts

  • Pro: Soft contacts are special contact lenses that fit over the iris or cornea for a comfortable experience. You can also get disposable soft contacts that you should wear for a certain amount of time and then throw away.
  • Con: Soft contacts are great if you have sensitive eyes, but you need to replace them more often than hard lenses.

Colored Contacts

  • Pro: Colored contacts are a common option you can get for cosmetic reasons. You will have to visit a doctor if you want colored contacts that correct your vision.
  • Con: Colored contacts tend to dry out more easily than the other options. You should care for colored contacts as typical to avoid infection. Use a solution, don’t wear them too long, and wash your hands before inserting and removing them.

How Long Does It Take to Get Contact Lenses After an Exam?

After your contact lenses exam, it takes about a week for you to get your contacts. Once the medical experts find a good fit during your contact lenses exam, you can have your prescription filled, and you should be good to go! That’s what makes a customized contact lens exam in Scottsdale, AZ, so important.

How Long Does It Take to Get Contact Lenses After an Exam?

As you grow older, your eyes become at risk for many problems. Come on in for a contact lens exam in Scottsdale. You might need to take some medication or change how you use contacts if you have developed a condition like glaucoma. Our doctor can manage many of these changes with good contact lenses, so you still enjoy the same quality results without surgery. Sometimes, you know that you need a contact lens exam if you’re experiencing some negative vision changes. Also, you should schedule an exam if you have stopped wearing contacts or if there are certain eye issues that you’re facing, such as dry eyes. If you’re starting to experience some problems with your current contact lenses or you have recently made a major life change that could affect your vision, you should also consider this exam.

Do You Hate Glasses?

Contact lenses are an increasingly popular option for those who find glasses to be uncomfortable or limiting. This is because you can wear them during all your daily activities. You won’t have to worry about losing or breaking them, and you don’t even need a prescription for most types of contacts. Book your contact lens exam in Scottsdale to see if you’re a good fit.
Remember that you need the right eye care professional and equipment to get quality results from them. Thankfully, our specialist is not only an eye professional. He wants you to be able to receive the best eye care and contact lens exam in Scottsdale possible because he understands how frustrating poor vision or eye discomfort can be.

Contact Lens Eye Exam in Scottsdale, Arizona

If you need a quality contact lenses exam and eye care, you should not just trust anyone to assess you. Not all ophthalmologists in Scottsdale can offer top-notch eye services and the customer experience that you deserve. Dr. Jay Arora and our team at Arora Eye understand how important it is for you to see clearly and comfortably. We will work hard with you during your examination process and ensure you get exactly what you want and need. Reach out to us now if you would like more information on our services.